Tropo Farms Limited

Pioneer of Tilapia Production in Ghana

Tropo Farms was founded by Mark and Maria Amechi in 1997, the business was established to farm and produce Nile Tilapia in Ghana.

Farming operations were initially done in dug-out ponds and later moved to Lake Volta, Lake Volta has a surface area of 8,502 km2 and is an optimum tilapia culture ecosystem, The Company has accumulated valuable and in-depth biological knowledge of the Lake.

Extensive research and development was conducted in the early days and this has continued as the business evolved and new challenges were presented.  This includes Combining technology developed in Asia and other first world countries, modifying and  adapting for application in Ghana Pioneering the use of vaccines for tilapia and being the first to vaccinate tilapia in Africa

Implementing the use of open water cages for growing fish in the lake Developing this technology in Ghana has come at a significant financial cost to the business

Production of a superior quality product, at an affordable price, has always been the priority, No chemicals or growth promoters are used in the growing of fish High quality feeds, free of additives, are used to feed the fish Freshness is maintained through a tightly managed cold chain process

Market Leader in Tilapia Sales

Tropo Farms markets the tilapia produced through the brand “Volta Catch”, The sustained approach to quality ‘has resulted in the product being the most sought after tilapia in the market “Volta Catch” currently has an estimated 35% share of the local market. Based on current sales volumes, Tropo Farms is estimated to be the largest aquaculture business in Africa.

Poised for Exponential Growth

The business has climbed a steep learning curve during the past 20 years, the “Intellectual Capital” that has been developed through expensive “school fees” has equipped Tropo with the ability to fully capitalise on the opportunity that exists in the local and regional tilapia market. The business has been set up in a way which is easily scalable to increase capacity, to date the business has grown organically with owner funding and expensive debt finance .

Tropo Farms now requires a capital investment to take the business to the next level

Volta Lake