• The nature of the TROPO business model contributes significantly to the communities and Ghana in general:
  • Large scale producer of fish as a sustainable source of protein for the increasing population
  • Employment of about 700 people in predominantly rural areas
  • Provides an earning opportunity to women market traders through the “VCMW” project (Volta Catch Market Women)
  • Training of staff provides skills to the aquaculture sector and staff turnover adds these skills to the general economy
  • TROPO has assisted in the training and development of small cage fish farmers in Ghana


  • TROPO provides assistance to the local Mpakadan school and will also sponsor an annual scholarship for the top student to achieve a  university level education
  • A borehole for portable water has been provided in Mpakadan and the 7 kilometer feeder road from the highway to Mpakadan town has been graded by TROPO


  • The 2 kilometer shoreline is kept natural and 20,000 hardwood trees have been planted to rehabilitate the land
  • Fire belts are strictly maintained and the forest is managed by limiting noxious weeds and creepers
  • Bush fires, hunting and charcoal making are prohibited on TROPO property


  • The Company is regulatory compliant in all aspects and has a full time CSR Officer